Our Crown Hill Question 4: Favorite Trees

This is a special edition of the Our Crown Hill Feature. We want to know about your favorite trees in the neighborhood.

The Crown Hill Neighborhood Association is embarking on a special project to catalog and recognize the environmental, historical, and cultural significance of our neighborhood’s trees. As neighbors you can help by sharing your stories about your favorite trees in Crown Hill, whether they are trees you pass by on the street or ones in your own yard. Take a moment to ask your neighbors about their favorite trees too, especially those who have lived in CH a long time or may not have access to the internet!

At the end of the project, the urban tree expert helping with the project will lead a guided tour of our ‘special’ Crown Hill trees. A self-guided tour and the stories we collect will be available for everyone to enjoy on the Crown Hill Neighbors Website. The City is very supportive of this idea, and they want to use our project as a pilot for the rest of Seattle’s neighborhoods. You are welcome to provide information on more than one tree or group of trees. Please note that the trees in Carkeek Park are outside the area for this project.

Take a moment to let us know about trees around you and what they mean to you. Click here to complete our survey.