Stranger Danger in Our Midst

We received a forwarded e-mail today (Wednesday, April 21st) from a North Beach parent and an e-mail forwarded from Small Faces as well. This is published here to let everyone know and so we can be alert for this particular individual. A good opportunity to speak with your children about the danger of speaking with strangers. Please call 911 immediately if you spot the individual.

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The North Beach e-mail:

IMPORTANT:  We have had two incidents of stranger danger the past few weeks so we need you to be informed and talk to your children about stranger danger protocols.

Last week, one of our student’s grandmothers was walking up on 24th and saw a man urinating in the bushes at the bottom of the north stairs by the portables.  Today we had a man coming up the stairs as a child was returning from the bathroom.  As soon as he saw her, he ran.  One of the 5th grade teachers and I searched the area, and our district security officer followed up by casing the area in both instances.  We could not find anyone by the description given to us.

Staff has been alerted to the stranger, I have requested that Safety and Security look at installing a gate, and we will talk with students regarding stranger danger.   We are requiring all children from the portables go to bathroom in pairs.  We are on high alert and will take all precautions necessary.

The Small Faces e-mail:

Stranger Alert at North Beach Elementary

North Beach Elementary School (map)  has issued a warning to parents about a stranger who has been hanging out around campus. Some parents forwarded an email (seen below) from the school to MyBallard.

Today (Tuesday), the Caucasian man, about 5’6″, scruffy beard, brown hair, riding a shiny, red bicycle, approached a child while with her family, asking if she would like a toy out of his box. The parents of course intervened. Parents came to office and were instructed to call police. Police were called and did not come because the man was gone.

After lunch was over, a student reported running to the fence to retrieve a ball when the bell rang. The man (who was on the other side of the fence) asked him a question about how to get in the building at night. Families from North Beach have also had this man near their homes or on their porch.

The principal at North Beach says security from Seattle Schools is aware of this man, who also matches the description of a man hanging out near Loyal Heights School. Staff at North Beach is said to be on “red alert,” and parents are asked to use all necessary precautions when dropping off their children.