Sidewalks in Crown Hill — Are We Getting Any Closer?

In the last round of project submissions for the Bridging the Gap Levy funds, the Ballard District Council recommended three Crown Hill Projects for funding. The three projects are: 1) Walkway along 13th Ave NW from NW 90th to Holman Road, plus walkway along 90th from 13th Ave NW to 14th Ave NW; 2) Walkway along 13th Ave NW from NW 95th to NW 100th; and 3) Walkway on 18th Ave NW from NW 85th to NW 89th. It is estimated there will be approximately $340,000 to spend within the entire Crown Hill/Ballard area.

On Wednesday, May 19th, 2010, the Seattle Department of Transportation released their preliminary cost estimates for the three projects. The first two projects (originally submitted in 2007) come in at $994,000 and $480,000 respectively, and the third project (submitted in 2009) comes in at $480,000. You can see all the projects costed out by SDOT on their website.

Clearly any of the three projects, as estimated by SDOT, exceed the Ballard District’s fair share of the pot city-wide. The estimates are for traditional sidewalks, rather than less expensive walkways or paved paths, and there is the possibility that some of the cost of the walkway on 18th could be offset by funds available for Combined Sewer Overflow abatement (that project location is in the North Beach CSO area).

What’s next? The Ballard District Council will reconvene its committee to look at the projects, and possibly change the scope so that one or more can be built within the allotted funds. Then a final recommendation will go forward in June. The recommendation will go forward to the city-wide Bridging the Gap oversight committee to assess which projects will be built over the entire city. The oversight committee’s recommendations will then be forwarded on for approval by the Mayor and City Council.

2 thoughts on “Sidewalks in Crown Hill — Are We Getting Any Closer?”

  1. According to this article, there will be no walkway on 13th Ave NW, between Holman Road and 95th. Is that correct? Do we know why this one block was left out?

  2. Sara, that is because the original projects as submitted in 2007 did not include that block. The street on the one block between Holman and 95th is only half the normal width for a street, so that does pose challenges for pedestrians.

    There is planned a walkway along the east edge of the park (see the article on the new park design). Additionally a walkway is planned along the eastern edge of the new Small Faces playground (see the article on the new playground design).

    The situation is definitely not ideal, but the property for the unbuilt half of the street plus the SDOT easement and alignment with the overpass add some complications.

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