Crown Hill Park, Skatedot Design Input Opportunity, Aug 2nd, 2010

Seattle Parks and Recreation is seeking your voice on the design of the “Skatedot” at the newly christened Crown Hill Park. The skatedot is a 1500 sq. ft. feature to be located near the Southeast corner of the park. The skatedot will provide a much needed place for beginning to intermediate skateboarders to hone their skills. During the April 28th meeting, the skate feature was discussed in general terms, but specific details were deferred to a later time.

Please come and participate! No need to be a skateboarder or a parent of a skateboarder. This meeting is open to all. Pillar Design Studios, a nationally known skate park design firm, will be be leading this workshop.

Monday, August 2nd
6-8 PM
Crown Hill Center
9250 14th Ave NW

For more information or questions, contact:

Kim Baldwin
Seattle Parks and Recreation
(206) 615-0810

For more information on the new Crown Hill Park, please see:

One thought on “Crown Hill Park, Skatedot Design Input Opportunity, Aug 2nd, 2010”

  1. Why are we outsourcing the skatedot design-and-build to an out-of-state company? Here at home there are many contractors who can construct a skate feature (it’s just laying concrete!) Moreover, maintenance is a phone call away. This is 2010, not 2006. The $55,000 should be going back into the LOCAL economy, not flowing out-of-Washington to Arizona (of all states)! Furthermore, what are the details of this design?

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