Residential Burglaries

It looks as though the Crown Hill (and Ballard) area has suffered a spate of residential burglaries in the last month (March 18th to April 18th, 2011). Just this afternoon (Monday), a neighbor on 12th (97xx block) surprised a burglar in his home. The neighbor pursued and caught the burglar on foot and was able to retrieve the burglar’s backpack in the ensuing struggle before the individual ran off.

UPDATE 04/19/2011: The Seattle PI website has more details on the likely perpetrator of Monday’s attempted burglary: Please note that as of 04/19, the individual is NOT in custody, and has NOT been arrested in conjunction with the attempted burglary.

UPDATE 04/20/2011: This may be the same guy:

Here are the burglary incidents detailed on the map below:

03/18/2011:  23xx Block of NW 85th
03/20/2011:  10xx Block of 11th Ave NW
03/24/2011:  10xx Block of 11th Ave NW
04/03/2011:  9xx Block of NW 96th St
04/04/2011: 14xx Block of NW 105th St
04/06/2011: 17xx Block of NW 89TH St
04/07/2011:  14xx Block of NW 95th

There was an article published on on the 17th detailing 4 break-ins in the area south of 80th and West of 15th:

The map for Crown Hill over the last month looks like this screen shot snagged from the SPD Police Reports website. The burglaries are in green with a star-burst which resembles broken glass:

Crime Map of Crown Hill
Crime Map of Crown Hill 3/18 - 4/17/2011

Normally Crown Hill is a fairly quiet enclave in the city of Seattle. Likely these crimes are the work of a small number of individuals who are moving through the neighborhood. Steps you can take to cut this crime spree short:

  1. Get to know your neighbors. Watch out for their houses, and ask them to watch out for yours. If you have a block watch, make sure everyone is up to speed and is alert.
  2. Report ALL suspicious behavior, including folk that don’t belong in the neighborhood to the police.
  3. Report ALL actual crimes to the police (911 for emergency or crimes in progress; 206-625-5011 or for non-emergency situations)
  4. Take steps to secure your premises: a) lighting on doors (motion activated if possible); b) deadbolt locks on doors, and use them even if gone only a few moments; c) pet doors for medium and larger size dogs are common points of entry.


3 thoughts on “Residential Burglaries”

  1. Our home at 17th NW and NW 99th was burglarized on 2/25 during the day. A large amount of jewelry was stolen, and some small electronics. Back french doors were broken in. Sounds very similar. I really hope we can recover some of our jewelry.

  2. It also seems there was a robbery on the street on 4/19, about the time when kids are walking home from school. On 9th at about 90th. Anyone know what this is about?

  3. hb, I do see that on the crime map, but have no information beyond the “redacted” police report on the incident which you can get from clicking on the link (you’ll need to register). It doesn’t have much information at all. You can also call our community police officer for the area: Scott McGlashan at 206-233-3733.

    ck, sorry to hear about that. You might want to contact Scott McGlashan as well with the case number and he could fill you in on progress on your case and whether it might be related to some of the recent incidents.

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