Crown Hill Cleanup, a success! Thanks to all!

Candy Igou, who organized the Spring Clean Crown Hill event for April 30, reports:

Spring Clean SUCCESS!!!  THANKS!!!
Crown Hill is a Great Place to Live and Work!

Last Saturday, April 30th, both YOUR residential and YOUR business neighbors cleaned up the streets of Crown Hill. The success was felt as we piled the 30 – 40 bags for city pick-up. That much trash was removed from the streets piece by piece.   And numerous graffiti tags were painted over by the wipe out team.

Comments were heard like:

  • “I pick up all year in the areas that I walk.”
  • “It makes me mad to see someone throw down the garbage, but I better not say anything lest they take offense, so I just pick it up!”
  • “Businesses should not have to pick up garbage but most of them do, we should thank them for how nice their business looks. Maybe tell others we will help with pick-up when we see the need. Or push a grocery cart back when we see it.”
  • “We should have a bus-stop weekend cleaning crew all year!”

“Are there prizes for children?” was a question from a precious little girl who had worked so hard. Great idea for next year! She gets two prizes in 2012!

It was hard work with rewarding good feelings at the end. Thanks to everyone! Let’s try to keep Crown Hill clean ALL YEAR!

We had about 30 participants this year, including many participants from Crown Hill businesses and residents, and from Labateyah Youth Home.  We cleaned the public rights of way along Holman Rd, 15th Ave, 14th Ave, 13th Ave, 85th St, 90th St. And the Crown Hill Business Association’s graffiti rangers painted out the work of numerous vandals.

graffiti rangers
Graffiti Rangers Dean Loken, Sharon Giampietro, and Jack Siefert. (Photo courtesy of Sharon Giampietro)
2011 Crown Hill Cleanup
Simon from Chase with an hour's cleanup. (Photo courtesy of Catherine Weatbrook)