New: Crime Log for Crown Hill

Rather than publish a new article here for each week’s log of crimes in Crown Hill, we created a new page which will be updated from time to time with crime reports from around the neighborhood. Information is retrieved from the online map provided by the Seattle Police Department. Most reports get no notice by the news media. However, if a media outlet has reported a crime, we will attempt to link to that. The link on the description (following the date) links to the actual police report.

We will update the page from time to time with the new reports, and a map of the incidents. You can view the page here:

One thought on “New: Crime Log for Crown Hill”

  1. Our car prowl is on this list. The theft of items from our car was very curious in that the car has a keyless remote entry/lock/alarm but there was no sign of break-in. The front interior and side the thieves entered had been sprayed with some sort of varnish, presumably to cover prints. I’m hearing that there are devices to pick up the frequency on your remote so later the car can be opened with no alarm/glass breaking. Please let me know if you have had this happen to your car, particularly if it is a Toyota.

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