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Neighborhood Street Fund Applications Due February 4th

February 4th is the deadline for the 2011 NPF Applications to be submitted. Do you have an idea for a project which might include a traffic circle, speed bumps, new crosswalk, crossing flags, or other small traffic improvements for the neighborhood? Consider submitting an application for an NPF grant. You can get an application here and more information about the program here (note this web page was not updated for 2011 yet). In the past the Ballard District Council has received $85,000 to $110,000 to distribute among three to five projects in Ballard and Crown Hill. The projects do not require a neighborhood match. The selected projects will be built in 2012.

Mail and Package Thefts Continue

Quite a few mail and parcel thefts have occurred in Crown Hill, Greenwood, Ballard during the holiday season. The thefts are still ongoing. In a new wrinkle, last week, one of our neighbors reported witnessing his outgoing mail stolen on 12th Ave. Until now the MO usually involved following behind the US Mail, UPS, FedEx trucks and then perpetrating the crime.  Theft of outgoing mail can be a means of identity theft and the effect can be more devastating than theft of goods from incoming mail or delivery services. Remember that theft of US Mail is a federal crime and should be reported to both the US Postal Service and the SPD. Please be on the lookout for unusual activity around mailboxes and porches. Consider getting a locking mailbox, and having packages delivered to work or a neighbor’s house who is home during the day. To add to that advice, it’s probably a good idea not to place outgoing mail in your mailbox (even with locking mailboxes, a thief can access the outgoing mail).

Crown Hill Park, Skatedot Design Input Opportunity, Aug 2nd, 2010

Seattle Parks and Recreation is seeking your voice on the design of the “Skatedot” at the newly christened Crown Hill Park. The skatedot is a 1500 sq. ft. feature to be located near the Southeast corner of the park. The skatedot will provide a much needed place for beginning to intermediate skateboarders to hone their skills. During the April 28th meeting, the skate feature was discussed in general terms, but specific details were deferred to a later time.

Please come and participate! No need to be a skateboarder or a parent of a skateboarder. This meeting is open to all. Pillar Design Studios, a nationally known skate park design firm, will be be leading this workshop.

Monday, August 2nd
6-8 PM
Crown Hill Center
9250 14th Ave NW

For more information or questions, contact:

Kim Baldwin
Seattle Parks and Recreation
(206) 615-0810

For more information on the new Crown Hill Park, please see: