Walking in Crown Hill

Walking in Crown Hill is an excellent way to get to know your neighbors and neighborhood businesses. Many who walk their dogs daily or make the trek to the bus already know this. Seattle’s Pedestrian Master Plan touts the health benefits of walking.

How Walkable is Your Neighborhood?
Check out your address’ Walk Score. It indicates how walkable your neighborhood is. A new feature of the Walk Score website is the new Transit Score. Some areas of Crown Hill have very high Walk Scores, while others are not so high.

Crown Hill Neighbors encourages everyone to walk as much as possible. We have developed a few walks in the neighborhood which are fun and good exercise for neighbors of all ages and conditions. We hope to develop more walks in the future.

Crown Hill Tree Walk(s) developed with a Seattle Department of Neighborhoods Grant. We engaged Arthur Lee Jacobson (author of Trees of Seattle) to help us out with the identification of interesting trees throughout the neighborhood:

Crown Hill ‘hood Hunt. A scavenger type hunt for developing map reading skills and getting to know your neighborhood.