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Registered Sex Offender Notification, Aug 25th, 2011

This was just received from Terrie Johnston, North Precinct Community Crime Prevention Coordinator, Seattle Police Department:

Robert Joe Childs is a level 3 Registered Sex Offender who recently moved onto the 11200 blk. of Meridian Ave. N.  He is a 35 year old, white male; 5’9″ and 190 lbs.  Det. Gordon from our Sex Offender Detail will be checking on him periodically to verify his information.  To learn more check out www.waspc.org.  If you have specific questions about sex offenders, call Michelle McRae at 684-5581.  I’ve attached safety information for you to share with your neighbors/contacts.  Thank you. tj

Seattle Police Crime Prevention


Level 3 sex offenders pose the highest risk to re-offend.  It is normal to feel upset, angry and worried about a registered sex offender living in your community.  The Community Notification Act of 1990 requires sex offenders to register in the community where they live.  The law also allows local law enforcement to make the public aware about Level 2 and Level 3 offenders.  Since this offender has completed his sentence, he is free to live where he wishes.  Experts believe sex offenders are less likely to re-offend if they live and work in an environment free of harassment.  Any actions taken against the listed sex offender could result in arrest and prosecution as it is against the law to use this information in any way to threaten, intimidate or harass registered sex offenders.  The SPD Sex offender detectives will check on these offenders every 3 months to verify our information.

The single most effective means of protecting your child is communication with your child.  They have to feel comfortable discussing sensitive matters with you.  Teach your children that they should not be asked to touch anyone in the bathing suit areas of their body or allow anyone to touch them in those areas.  Teach them types of situations to avoid.  It is not good enough to tell a child to avoid strangers.  Please remember that children are most often molested by someone they or their parents know. 

Key Bank Armed Robbery, Aug 8th, 2011

UPDATED: 9 AM, 08/09/2011 — Added pictures of suspects from SPD blotter and descriptions

UPDATED: 4 PM, 08/09/2011 — the description of the incident on 13th near 100th was clarified based on further information from neighbors and from Terrie Johnston from the SPD.

The Key Bank in Carkeek Plaza was robbed at gunpoint today at approximately 10:45 AM. A number of neighbors reported that the Plaza around the bank quickly filled with police cars, and a helicopter hovered overhead as the police searched for the robbers.

At about the same time police received a call about a possible residential burglar or otherwise suspicious circumstances in a house on 13th, a few short blocks away.   Police blocked NW 100th from 12th Ave NW to west of 13th Ave NW. Neighbors reported that the police surrounded a house near 13th Ave NW and NW 100th, but did not take anyone into custody. One neighbor reported there was “a swat team, at least 10 cop cars, a couple of black vans.” Approximately 2 PM the containment around the house was cleared and traffic flow was restored on 100th.

Additional coverage of the bank robbery can be found on the MyBallard website.

Photos and text from the SPD Blotter article:

On August 8th, at approximately 10:48 AM, two suspects robbed a bank in the 9700 Block of Holman Road Northwest.  The suspect descriptions are: 

1) White male, 20-30, thin, wearing an “Idaho Vandals” hooded sweatshirt, black bandana over the face.

2) White male, 40-50, thin, dark blue-green flannel over shirt, black t-shirt beneath used to cover face.

Anyone with information regarding this robbery or the identification of the masked suspects, please contact the FBI-Safe Streets Task Force at (206) 622-0460.

Burglaries, Car Prowls, Vicinity of 13th and 95th

Update July 21st:

A family in the 12XX block of NW 95th St reports their house was also entered the night of the 17th-18th. The woman heard noises in the kitchen and when investigating found a medium height person in a white tee shirt there. She screamed and the intruder left, leaving behind a dark sweatshirt. Police responded, but as yet no report shows up for the incident.

Update July 20th:

The July 17th 10:30 PM incident and the July 18th 3 AM incident now have substantial narratives in the online police reports (click on the links below to retrieve the amended reports).  From those reports, it is clear the incident reported on the MyBallard forum is the July 18 3 AM incident, and the nearby incident was actually near 110th and Phinney. Also the stolen vehicle from that incident was recovered. The July 18th 3 AM incident was classed as a forced entry because a window screen was removed to enter the house. All three incidents involved minimal or no force to enter, and the residences burglarized were occupied at the time.

A number of burglaries have occurred since July 16th in the vicinity of 13th Ave NW and NW 95th Street. Some of the information presented here is preliminary — police report narratives were not yet available, and some of the information is second hand.

We have confirmed three incidents and there may have been a fourth (to see the police reports, you will need to register):

  • Jul 16 2011, 3 PM, reported Jul 18 2011 THEFT-CARPROWL 12XX BLOCK OF NW 95TH ST (Police Report)
  • Jul 17 2011, 10:30 PM, reported Jul 18 2011 BURGLARY-NOFORCE-RES  92XX BLOCK OF 13TH AVE NW (Police Report)
  • Jul 18 2011, 3 AM, reported Jul 18 2011 BURGLARY-FORCE-RES, VEH-THEFT-AUTO 92XX BLOCK OF 13TH AVE NW (Police Report)

There was also a report in the forum at MyBallard.com which may correspond to the third one above. There is an inconsistency in that the police report indicates a forced entry, but the forum posting indicates entry through an open window. The poster also indicates “The police said that there was another house about 3 blocks away that was robbed shortly before ours.” I haven’t found evidence on the police reports website of that event yet.  The MyBallard forum posting has a great last line:  “… and one ‘amazing’ guard dog is now for sale. ”

A few tips:

  • Lock doors and windows when asleep
  • Report ALL suspicious activity on 911 while the activity is happening. When in doubt whether an activity or person is suspicious, report it. The 911 operators will triage the calls. Also it is a good idea to leave your phone number and address, and ask for the responding officer to contact you.
  • If dialing 911 from a cell phone, be VERY clear of your exact location.
  • Get to know your neighbors front, back, to the sides and diagonally as well. That way you can also alert them.
  • Longer term: consider setting up a block watch and having Terrie Johnston conduct a security audit of your home or business.
  • Sign up for and hold a Night Out Against Crime event on Tuesday August 2nd.

A similar or possibly related case occurred a few weeks ago and is reported here. Crown Hill Neighbors held a Crime and Public Safety Community Meeting on June 23rd and the wrapup includes contact information for and tips from Terrie Johnston (Community Crime Prevention Coordinator) and Scott McGlashan (Community Police Team Officer).

If you have more information about any of these events or related events to share, please feel free to email news@crownhillneighbors.org or reply in the comments below. If you reply in the comments, please do not specify the exact address.

SPD Nabs 5 Prolific Burglars

Terrie Johnston, Seattle Police Dept Community Crime Prevention Coordinator reports that there are five fewer burglars in general circulation in the last two weeks. In Crown Hill, and North Seattle in general we have been recently suffered a wave of residential burglaries and even a couple of drive-by shootings. Some of the individuals arrested are suspects in these incidents.

Jeffrey McCaslin, recently featured on Washington’s Most Wanted, was booked into King County Jail on June 1st and is being held. His bail has been set at $190,000. He has been charged with two residential burglaries, and charges are pending in another burglary and for illegal drugs. This individual is suspected in the burglary incident occurring in the 9700 block of 12th Ave NW on April 18th.

The Seattle PI reported that another suspect taken into custody on June 1st is wanted in conjunction with the drive by shooting incident near 85th and 17th on May 18th. The SPD apprehended Joshua Meadows-Mittenen and Michael Christopher Doble in conjunction with a Lake City residential burglary. Mittenen is a felon and serial burglar who is wanted as a suspect in the drive by shooting in the 8300 block of 17th NW on May 18th. A warrant had been issued for Mittenen in this case.

Please remain vigilant, and report suspicious behavior to the SPD.  These arrests were greatly facilitated by citizens calling in with tips and reports of crimes in progress.

The full text of Terrie’s e-mail:

Continue reading SPD Nabs 5 Prolific Burglars

Suspect in Custody Also Wanted in Drive-By Shooting

According to an article on the Seattle PI website on June 1st, a suspect in the May 18th drive-by shooting near 17th and 85th was taken into custody in conjunction with a residential burglary in Lake City.

The Seattle Police Department apprehended Joshua Meadows-Mittenen and Michael Christopher Doble in conjunction with a Lake City residential burglary. Mittenen is a felon and serial burglar who is wanted as a suspect in the drive by shooting in the 8300 block of 17th NW on May 18th. A warrant had been issued for Mittenen in this case.

UPDATE (06/05/2011): Joshua Meadows-Mittenen has been released on bond on June 2nd, according to King County Jail records.