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Key Bank Armed Robbery, Aug 8th, 2011

UPDATED: 9 AM, 08/09/2011 — Added pictures of suspects from SPD blotter and descriptions

UPDATED: 4 PM, 08/09/2011 — the description of the incident on 13th near 100th was clarified based on further information from neighbors and from Terrie Johnston from the SPD.

The Key Bank in Carkeek Plaza was robbed at gunpoint today at approximately 10:45 AM. A number of neighbors reported that the Plaza around the bank quickly filled with police cars, and a helicopter hovered overhead as the police searched for the robbers.

At about the same time police received a call about a possible residential burglar or otherwise suspicious circumstances in a house on 13th, a few short blocks away.   Police blocked NW 100th from 12th Ave NW to west of 13th Ave NW. Neighbors reported that the police surrounded a house near 13th Ave NW and NW 100th, but did not take anyone into custody. One neighbor reported there was “a swat team, at least 10 cop cars, a couple of black vans.” Approximately 2 PM the containment around the house was cleared and traffic flow was restored on 100th.

Additional coverage of the bank robbery can be found on the MyBallard website.

Photos and text from the SPD Blotter article:

On August 8th, at approximately 10:48 AM, two suspects robbed a bank in the 9700 Block of Holman Road Northwest.  The suspect descriptions are: 

1) White male, 20-30, thin, wearing an “Idaho Vandals” hooded sweatshirt, black bandana over the face.

2) White male, 40-50, thin, dark blue-green flannel over shirt, black t-shirt beneath used to cover face.

Anyone with information regarding this robbery or the identification of the masked suspects, please contact the FBI-Safe Streets Task Force at (206) 622-0460.

Robbery on Holman Road, March 28th, 2011

Approximately 4 AM Monday Morning, March 28th 2011, the owner of the Thirsty Fish at 9041 Holman Road was beaten and robbed.  Details of the incident are available at the MyBallard site.  The robbers got away with a bag of money, his wedding ring, and wallet.

In light of this incident and the earlier robbery at Whitman Middle School, I’m taking this opportunity to remind every one to:

  • be extra attentive to your surroundings
  • not be distracted by electronic gadgetry such as phones, music players, etc. while in public situations
  • be alert to suspicious activity in the area and to report the activity using 911
  • vary your routines to thwart those who may be casing you or your property
  • walk in well lighted areas
  • walk with a friend or partner rather than alone
  • report any relevant information to the police

Crime Prevention Tips from the SPD

This article comes from a West Precinct memo which was later published on the Seattle Police Department’s SPD Blotter. These safety tips are good to remember any time of the year. We’ve had a recent spate of crime in Blue Ridge, North Beach, and View Ridge as detailed in this article from myballard.com.

Holiday safety tips

It’s that time of year!  Friends, family, shopping, dining and…crime?   While anytime is a good time to think about personal safety and crime prevention, the Seattle Police Department would like to remind citizens of some easy techniques that will help keep them and their property safe during the holidays!

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