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Crown Hill School site meeting

November 26, 2007 

We have a unique opportunity in Crown Hill to acquire the 3.4 acre Crown Hill School site and secure it for continued community use and benefit, including a park, arts, and childcare center. Come hear about the status of this project, and tell us what you would like to see happening in the building.


  • Welcome and Project Visioning
  • Building Conditions and High Level Business Analysis
  • What are some Funding Possibilities
  • What Interests are there in the Community for the Building
  • Audience Interests Survey
  • Recap and Next Steps

The Crown Hill School site is one of the 5 school properties the Seattle School Board voted to surplus last spring. The master tenant at Crown Hill is Small Faces Child Development Center  , and has one year to negotiate an agreement to purchase the site from the School District. The Crown Hill site can receive up to $1 million in the mayor’s proposed 2008 budget. There is also voter approved funding (Pro Parks Levy) of $1.1 million to establish a park at the site. Since July, when we held our public meeting at the site, Cascade Land Conservancy has been working with a core group of people from Small Faces and Crown Hill Neighbors to discuss how to acquire the land and buildings, and create an economically sustainable plan for the site. The working group has identified some possible funding sources for the Crown Hill Project:

  • Private donations and events
  • Corporate Donations, naming rights
  • Foundations and trusts
  • Government programs and grants
  • Decrease costs paired with additional rental income

The ultimate solution will involve developing a sound business plan which includes all of the above.

The purposes of this meeting are to: 1) Disseminate information about the project and its current status; and 2) Engage the Crown Hill Community in shaping the future of the site.