Salmon Return to Carkeek Park

The salmon are beginning their return to Pipers Creek in Carkeek Park. This happens every November when the rains start, assuming there are enough salmon who survived four years in the “great big world” of the Pacific Ocean to be able to return to their home ground and spawn. On Wednesday, November 30, starting at [...]

Heaven and Earth III: Sculptures Return to Carkeek Park

Many of you recall last year’s Heaven and Earth installation at Carkeek Park. The show was a great way to view man-made art in a natural setting. This year’s show: Heaven and Earth III, Cycles of Return will run from July 9th to October 9th 2011. It also includes a satellite installation at Point Shilshole [...]

Russ Kurtz

Long-time Crown Hill Resident Russ Kurtz passed away on Friday, April 1st, 2011. Russ founded the Crown Hill Vet Clinic on Holman Rd NW at 14th Ave NW. He practiced there until 1986. Russ also served on the Carkeek Park Advisory Council.

The obituary in the Seattle Times can be found here. Russ’ memorial service [...]

Earth Day Volunteers Needed for Carkeek Park, 2011

Looks like we’ve all been invited to Carkeek Park’s Earth Day cleanup and celebration. I went last year and it was a lot of fun:

Join the 31st Annual Carkeek Park Earth Day Celebration

Groups, families and individuals will gather to help clean up Carkeek Park on Saturday, April 16. Activities [...]

Gifts from the Builder: The Eddie McAbee Park Entrance

By Heidi Madden and Chris Jacobsen

Have you ever driven past the Eddie McAbee entrance to Carkeek Park off of NW 100th Place and wondered who Eddie McAbee is? Perhaps the name sounded familiar: Didn’t a guy named McAbee build a bunch of stuff around here?

Eddie McAbee Entrance to Carkeek Park

Eddie McAbee [...]

Piper Orchard’s 4th Annual Fall Festival of Fruit and Tour

Saturday, Sept 18th, 2010 10 AM – 2 PM

Tour the 119 year old orchard, see displays to learn more about growing your own trees, bring apples from your trees to determine their variety, live music, food booths, learn about orchard history, grapes in the orchard, pest management, permaculture, kids crafts and more., 206-684-0877, [...]