Crown Hill Neighbors Annual Meeting and Crown Hill Park Grand Opening, May 19th, 2012

Our Annual Meeting is May 19th at 10 AM, and we’re going to keep it short so we can all mosey on out the doors at Crown Hill Center to check out the long awaited, newly minted Crown Hill Park! Plans are afoot for a barbecue, special entertainment, tricycle parade and more. We’ll have on [...]

Crown Hill Article in the Seattle Times

Crown Hill was featured in an article in the Seattle Times, December 18th, 2012. West Crown Hill residents Maggie Skinner (a board member of Crown Hill Neighbors) and Jon Bez were interviewed about why they moved to Crown Hill. Catherine Weatbrook detailed the establishment of Crown Hill Center and the effort to acquire the property [...]

Crown Hill Park Construction Photos, Sept 7th, 2011

In the two weeks since the last photos, lots of activity and progress. Here are some photos taken from the landing of the 13th Ave — Holman Rd overpass:

Circular path (north end of park) progress, Sept 7th, 2011

Detailed park plans for "on the ground" reference, Sept 7th, 2011

Future skate [...]

Progress on Crown Hill Park, Aug 24th, 2011

Here are a few pictures taken on August 24th of some of the work proceeding on the future Crown Hill Park. The circular walkway on the North end of the park is being worked on this week, and all of the asphalt is now gone along with the sod. A number of you have asked [...]

Crown Hill Park Construction Begins!

"We decorated the fence so the construction crew would have something pretty to look at while they worked" (Photo courtesy of Small Faces Child Development Center)

On Wednesday, August 10th construction began on the soon to be Crown Hill Park. The Paul Brothers of Oregon were awarded the construction contract for the park a [...]

Crown Hill Park … the Work Begins!

Preliminary work has begun on the future Crown Hill Park! Seattle Public Utilities has begun to install the water service for our new park. Workers were spotted this morning (April 11th) on 14th Ave NW, near the South end of the Crown Hill Center making a street cut and excavation. Pipes, gaskets, flanges were then [...]

Crown Hill Park, Skatedot Design Input Opportunity, Aug 2nd, 2010

Seattle Parks and Recreation is seeking your voice on the design of the “Skatedot” at the newly christened Crown Hill Park. The skatedot is a 1500 sq. ft. feature to be located near the Southeast corner of the park. The skatedot will provide a much needed place for beginning to intermediate skateboarders to hone their [...]

And the Name of the New Park on Crown Hill is ....

“Crown Hill Park”

From the Seattle Parks and Recreation Press Release:

Seattle Parks and Recreation Acting Superintendent Christopher Williams has named two new parks in the Ballard area, and re-named a playfield in West Seattle.

Crown Hill Park

This park, located at Holman Road NW and 13th Avenue NW, [...]

Our New Crown Hill Park Needs a Name....

We received the following press release from Seattle Parks and Recreation about naming 3 new parks in Seattle. One of the parks is our new Crown Hill Park. They are actively seeking submissions of names from the community now until June 2nd, 2010. Please submit suggestions for park names in writing by June 2, 2010, [...]

Crown Hill Park Public Input Meeting

The future Crown Hill Park is nearly here! The temporary Fire Station #35 will be moving back into the new quarters later this year. And that clears the way to move forward on the Crown Hill Park. The park is to be located on the southern portion of the former Crown Hill Elementary School site. [...]

Skate Dot Public Input Meeting, August 2nd, 2010

Monday, August 2nd, 2010 6-8 PM Crown Hill Center 9250 14th Ave NW

This is your only chance to provide input on the design of this 1500 square foot feature of the new Crown Hill Park. Read the article on the Skatedot here.