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9th Annual Crown Hill Neighborhood Garage and Yard Sale — Signups are open

9th Annual Crown Hill Neighborhood Garage and Yard Sale
Saturday, July 11th, 9 AM to 3 PM
Where: All over Crown Hill

Crown Hill Neighborhood Garage and Yard Sale, July 11th, 9-3
Crown Hill Neighborhood Garage and Yard Sale, July 11th, 9-3

Garage sales fill that need to turn one person’s castoff into another’s treasure. Whether it’s baby clothes your high schooler outgrew years ago and a young family could use, or that bike that clutters your basement and someone without a car could use, or …. You get the idea. Start rounding up the stuff. Talk to your neighbors about doing a multi-family blowout sale with BBQ and a really festive atmosphere. See if the kids are up to selling lemonade, cookies, etc. to contribute to their iPad fund.

And put your dot on our map! The signup form is here: http://crownhillneighbors.org/gsale/signup.html

The map is here: http://crownhillneighbors.org/gsale

Signups are open until 5 PM on Friday, July 10th. We’ll get to updating the map soon after you post your information, but if you don’t see it within 24 hours, shoot us an e-mail with the details:

Crown Hill Neighbors has been organizing the annual garage sale since 2007! We were one of the first in Seattle to publish an online map of all the sale locations – something much copied about town. It’s a lot of fun to cruise the sales and talk to your neighbors if you don’t have the time to put together a sale.

2014 Crown Hill Neighborhood Garage Sale, July 26th 9AM-3PM

The 2014 edition of the Crown Hill Neighborhood Garage Sale is upon us.

When: Saturday, July 26th 9 AM – 3 PM
Where: Garages and Yards all over Crown Hill
What: Great sales, great people and a great neighborhood

We’ll have printed maps available at 9 AM at Crown Hill Center in the Green Box to the left of the steps at 9250 14th Ave NW. As always the map and listings are available online at http://crownhillneighbors.org/gsale. A PDF version is available here: http://crownhillneighbors.org/gsale/gsale2014.pdf

This is a great chance to walk or bike or drive (slowly please) through the neighborhood to check out what treasures Crown Hillers have for sale. If you’re a Crown Hiller, then even better because you get to interact with your neighbors. We’ve got a lot of young entrepreneurs who’ll be out there hawking lemonade and other refreshments to slake your thirst and sate your palate. A few sales are held as charity benefits, so be sure to drop by those. We expect there will be many free sales as well.

Click on map to go to interactive map.
Click on map to see the live map.

Some scenes from previous sales:


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2014 Crown Hill Neighbors Garage Sale (8th Annual) — signups are open

gsale2014Signups are now officially open for the fabulous Crown Hill Neighbors Garage Sale to be held July 26th, 9AM-3PM this year. This is our eighth year of running the sale. Sign up here: http://crownhillneighbors.org/gsale/gsinput2014.html

It’s not too early to be checking your basement, attic, garages for stuff to go into your sale. Check with your neighbors to see if they might do a multi-family sale with you. Past years have seen some folk converting under-utilized stuff into cold hard cash, neighbors coming by and striking up conversations, and more.

As in past years, we especially encourage young entrepreneurs to set up lemonade and refreshment stands.

The map isn’t much to look at yet, but after a few signups it’ll start to be a hopping scene.

Garage Sale Map, July 27, 2013

UPDATE: the 2013 sale is over. The 2014 Crown Hill Neighbors Garage Sale will be held on July 26th this year. Signups will open in the last week of June 2014.

Signups for the Crown Hill Neighbors Garage Sale on July 27th are now closed. The final map and listings are available here: http://crownhillneighbors.org/gsale/

Thanks for participating in our sale whether you are selling or buying. Best of luck to all in finding or selling those special treasures. Take care and  drive safely.

Garage  Sale Map and Listings 2013
Click for map and listings

Signups are now open for the 7th Annual Crown Hill Neighbors Garage Sale!

Click on sign to see this year’s map.

UPDATE: signups are now closed. The map is available here: http://crownhillneighbors.org/gsale/


Sign up today!  The 7th Annual Crown Hill Neighborhood Garage Sale is happening on Saturday, July 27th, 2013.

UPDATE: Crown Hill United Methodist Church (14th and 85th) will be participating and has generously offered tables (at no charge) to folk who don’t have a garage or yard they can use. These tables are on a first come, first served basis, and you need to sign up in advance, by calling the church office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday between 1:30 and 4:30. The church phone # is 206-784-2387.

It’s not too early to be thinking about what you’ll be selling. You’ve probably been tripping over it for months now. Remember what’s junk to you is likely going to be someone else’s treasure!

Last year we had more than 55 participating households, and folks moved a lot of stuff out of their houses and garages on to new owners. It was a great opportunity to talk to neighbors, to cruise other sales, and maybe score a couple of prize finds.

As always, we encourage young entrepreneurs (of all ages) to set up lemonade and cookie stands.

We have an online map and there will be printed maps on the day of the sale.

Sign up here, and happy garage sale-ing!