Transit Survey

King County Metro Transit made big changes to many of its bus routes on September 29th, 2012. They made these changes after much public consultation. Most changes to routes and schedules were a response to the introduction of the Rapid Ride C and D lines providing service from West Seattle to Downtown Seattle, and [...]

What Are You Interested In?

Crown Hill Neighbors wants to hold events that people living in Crown Hill are interested in. We recently held a well attended Crime Prevention and Public Safety event, and a Disaster Preparedness presentation at our annual meeting. We would like to get some feedback from you.

We created a Survey Monkey questionnaire to find out [...]

Department of Neighborhoods Needs Your Opinion

The Seattle Dept. of Neighborhoods wants your opinion. The city-wide effort to reduce government spending is underway. Some impacts from budget cutting have already been felt by the DON. Last year, a number of Neighborhood Service Centers were closed, the 13 district coordinators (one for each district) were reduced to 9, attempts were made to [...]

Public Safety Survey

Mayor Mike McGinn recently announced an online survey to gather community input on public safety. The survey is being conducted by graduate students from the UW Evans School of Public Affairs. You can take the survey here. It takes about 10 minutes to complete.

From the press release:


Crown Hill Center Playground Survey

Recently Small Faces completed work on a grant to install a new play structure in the playground area. This is Phase 1 of a plan to revitalize the playground area. The playground and new structure are open to the public when Small Faces is not using them. Crown Hill Center/Small Faces are asking folk to [...]

Tree Survey Question (still looking for responses)

In August 2009 we published a tree survey questionnaire here. We got quite a few responses, but we’re looking for more. Our grant proposal is currently being reviewed has been approved for funding by the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. If approved, We will contract with an arborist to survey the neighborhood for trees, but Crown [...]