An eclectic list of landmarks (in no particular order) in the Crown Hill Neighborhood.  Have another landmark which should be here? Email us and next time we update this page, your landmark may be included. We’ll also be adding selected photographs, time permitting, so check back every once in a while.

Crown Hill Lutheran Church – 1501 NW 90th street

Crown Hill Lutheran Church (closed)
Crown Hill Lutheran Church (closed)
  • Built 1957

Journey Church – 9204 11th Ave NW

Journey Church
Journey Church
  • Journey Church opened Spring 2009
  • Abundant Life Church closed late November 2008
  • Built 1928
  • Originally a dance hall
  • Could be a great community performance space for dances, musical, theatrical events

Crown Hill Cemetery – 8712 12th Ave NW

Crown Hill Cemetery
  • Founded 1903
  • Burned in 1913 (assume this is the building) with all the records
  • This is one of the large plots of green space in the community
  • It is currently fenced in and there is but one entrance to discourage foot traffic, and vandalism
  • The cemetery is active in that interments still occur, but only for previously purchased “plots”, as there are no more available.

Carkeek Plaza

  • Originally Art’s Family Center. “Art Case”
  • The shopping center is now owned by FR McAbee Inc.
  • Now the anchor tenant is QFC
  • Additional tenants include Patty’s Eggnest, Key Bank, et al
  • The store is unique in that it has a north and south entrance. The north entrance is used largely by the population north of Holman Road.

Dick’s Drive In – Holman Road at 12th Ave NW

Dick’s on Holman Road
  • This is the landmark most folks know and associate with the area.
  • Built approximately 1960
  • Very high traffic volume
  • Cheap, good quality burgers, fries and ice cream
  • Owned by Dick Spady and his partners
  • Seattle-based chain
  • Committed to staying in Seattle, scholarship program for student employees

Crown Hill Park (Previously Crown Hill School)- 14th Ave NW and NW 95th St

Crown Hill School Ballfield


Crown Hill School

Crown Hill School Ballfield

  • Officially opened May 19, 2012
  • Built 1918
  • Prior to being built (1908-1918) youth from the area walked all the way to the Whittier School
  • Current site of Small Faces Child Development Center

La-Ba Te-Yah Youth Home – 9010 13th Ave NW

Labateyah Youth Home
Labateyah Youth Home
  • AKA United Indians Youth Home
  • Present use grew out of the United Indians of All Tribes Foundation at Daybreak Star with heavy involvement from the now deceased Bernie Whitebear.
  • Built 1930
  • Originally the Crown Hill hospital

Holman Road

Holman Rd from 13th overpass (looking NE)
  • Named after Alex Holman, a realtor active in the Loyal Heights and Sunset Hill areas of Ballard.
  • Constructed approximately 1924
  • Bisects the neighborhood
  • The truck route from points north to Ballard
  • After construction of Holman Rd, the current 11th Ave easement north of Holman was abandoned between Holman and midway between 100th and 97th, creating some of the more interesting residential plats in North Seattle.

Holman Road Pedestrian Overpass

13th Ave Pedestrian Overpass over Holman Rd

  • 13th Ave NW and Holman Road
  • Not usable by folks with strollers, wheelchairs, etc
  • SDOT says they don’t make overpasses like this anymore because of ADA requirements

8th Ave Underpass

  • This allows pedestrian and auto traffic to go underneath Holman Road, but there is no access to 8th from Holman for pedestrians

Blue Ridge Community Club 1004 15th Ave NW

  • Located at the corner of 100th and 15th Ave NW
  • Private membership facility for residents of Blue Ridge, swimming pool and tennis courts

Blue Ridge Realty Office –9925 15th Ave NW

Blue Ridge Realty Office (Crown Hill)

  • Cutest real estate office in the neighborhood and maybe the tiniest at 434 square feet

Safeway – corner of 85th and 15th Ave NW

  • Opened in the 1930s
  • In 2008, added a Safeway gas station on the lot at 83rd where once stood Washington Federal Savings Bank
  • A small green space “micro-park” was reserved on the South East corner of the lot

9076 Holman Road proposed development

  • Former site of a Union 76 gas station/convenience store, and Queen Anne auto body shop
  • To be developed into a 100+ residential complex over a ground floor commercial/live-work lofts facility
  • This is within the Crown Hill Residential Urban Village
  • Many neighbors attended the Design Review meeting in December 2007 and expressed concerns about the design, pedestrian friendly amenities, noise abatement, visual effects, etc. Most of the concerns were resolved.
  • This will be a “tone-setting” development for the neighborhood

Whitman Middle School and Soundview Playfield – 92nd and 15th Ave NW

Whitman Middle School
Soundview Playfield
  • Built 1959
  • The track is used by many neighborhood runners
  • The playfield is used also by Little League
  • Playground and wading pool renovated by neighbors under a Neighborhood grant in 2005. In 2009 and 2010, a volunteer group from Olympic Manor does maintenance on the park and playground once a month on the second Tuesday.

Swanson’s Nursery – 9701 15th Ave NW

Swanson's Nursery
Swanson’s Nursery
  • Excellent nursery, knowledgeable sales staff
  • Oldest building remaining on the site dates to 1938
  • Cafe on premises
  • Many out of neighborhood people shop here.

Metro Bus Routes

  • 15– northern turnaround is on 103rd and and 13th. Route serves to take riders downtown. Runs on 15th Ave NW
  • 28– makes a jog from 3rd down to 8th to serve a number of stops along 8th in the Crown Hill area. Quickest way to Fremont
  • 48 – longest route in Metro’s stable. This runs along 85th in Crown Hill, and serves to transport people west bound to Loyal Heights, east bound to the U district and from there in a southerly direction to Columbia City/Rainier Beach. Comes frequently, but has a reputation as the “forty-late” among its regular riders. Frequent riders note the propensity for 48’s to travel in packs of 2 or 3 buses.
  • 75 – Runs from Ballard and Market to 85th to 15th to Holman to 105th to Northgate Mall, and thence to Sand Point Way and then to the UW.

Carkeek Park Plaza Apartments – 431 NW 100th

  • Owned by FR McAbee (same owner as the Carkeek Plaza Shopping Center)
  • Just N of the shopping center
  • Seem to be nicely constructed

Seattle Housing Authority multi-family buildings

  • Mary Ave NW between 87th and Holman