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Crown Hill Park Construction Begins!

"We decorated the fence so the construction crew would have something pretty to look at while they worked" (Photo courtesy of Small Faces Child Development Center)

On Wednesday, August 10th construction began on the soon to be Crown Hill Park.  The Paul Brothers of Oregon were awarded the construction contract for the park a few weeks ago. On Wednesday children at Small Faces decorated the fences with ribbons so the workers “would have something pretty to look at while they worked.”

Behind Former Home Plate
Behind Former Home Plate


John Deere and Blacktop Mountains
John Deere and Blacktop Mountains
Concrete Culverts Removed
Concrete Culverts Removed

Our new park will include a renovated ball field, open lawn areas, a skate dot, a pathway and much improved landscaping. The two large sycamores, south of the old ball field will be retained. Small Faces and the community began work to secure the historic Crown Hill School Site for community use many years ago. Seattle Parks held community meetings in 2005, 2007, and 2010.  Crown Hill Neighbors was formed in 2007 to act as a community voice in this effort. Initially it was thought the School District would enter into a long-term lease (50-year) with Small Faces, and Seattle Parks and Recreation would construct the park on the leased land while Small Faces operated the old school building. An opportunity presented itself one year later when the School District decided to surplus the school and land. Seattle Parks purchased the land for the park using the Opportunity Fund from the Parks & Green Space Levy, and Small Faces purchased the building to become the future Crown Hill Center.

Final Site Plan
Final Site Plan (click to enlarge)

Crown Hill Park, Skatedot Design Input Opportunity, Aug 2nd, 2010

Seattle Parks and Recreation is seeking your voice on the design of the “Skatedot” at the newly christened Crown Hill Park. The skatedot is a 1500 sq. ft. feature to be located near the Southeast corner of the park. The skatedot will provide a much needed place for beginning to intermediate skateboarders to hone their skills. During the April 28th meeting, the skate feature was discussed in general terms, but specific details were deferred to a later time.

Please come and participate! No need to be a skateboarder or a parent of a skateboarder. This meeting is open to all. Pillar Design Studios, a nationally known skate park design firm, will be be leading this workshop.

Monday, August 2nd
6-8 PM
Crown Hill Center
9250 14th Ave NW

For more information or questions, contact:

Kim Baldwin
Seattle Parks and Recreation
(206) 615-0810

For more information on the new Crown Hill Park, please see: http://seattle.gov/parks/projects/crown_hill

Crown Hill Park Meeting Wrap-up

Crown Hill Park Meeting

On April 28th, 2010, more than 50 community members gathered in room 4 of the Crown Hill Center (formerly Crown Hill Elementary School) to hear about, see and provide community input on the latest plans for the soon to be Crown Hill Park. Kim Baldwin, Pamela Alspaugh, and Shwu-Jen Hwang of the Seattle Parks and Recreation Dept presented the latest version of the schematic for the new park. Lynn Wirta (former director of Small Faces) presented the latest version of the schematic for the playground which will be on the adjoining Crown Hill Project/Small Faces property.

April 2010 Schematic Park Plan
April 2010 Schematic Park Plan (click to view full size)

The last schematic (developed in 2006) was out of date, and needed to be updated to reflect the change in ownership of the park and school land. When the plan was last looked at, the future park land and buildings were owned by the Seattle School District. Subsequently, the School District surplussed the property and the Crown Hill Project acquired the building(s) and associated land on the northern portion, while the city acquired the actual park land on the southern portion.  In the map below, the park property is shown in green while the Crown Hill Project property is shown in red and blue. Additionally, the project has suffered delays due to the temporary relocation of SFD Fire Station #35 to the southernmost portion of the property. The fire station will be relocating to its newly revamped headquarters in late summer or early fall, clearing the way for the development of the new park.

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