Sidewalks for West Crown Hill

A dedicated group of neighbors in West Crown Hill recently applied for Bridging the Gap Large Project Fund money to construct sidewalks in their area. Deborah Jaquith shepherded the effort. The area defined for the proposed project spans from NW 85th to NW 90th between 15th Ave NW and 20th Ave NW.

In their proposal, they noted poor pedestrian accomodation, drainage issues, changing demographic with new, younger families, connectivity with school walking routes, bus rapid transit, and proximity to Whitman and North Beach schools. Though they would prefer the traditional full concrete curb, gutter planting strip sidewalk combination, they were willing to work for a curb and gutter with asphalt walkway type of solution at a much lower cost per block, as detailed in the Walkable Crown Hill Tool Kit.

Their proposal was submitted to the Ballard District Council on December 1st, 2009. At the Ballard District Council meeting, held on January 13, 2010, the Council adopted a resolution recommending the West Crown Hill project plus two others to move forward to the City-wide Bridging the Gap oversight committee for further consideration.

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  1. Adriane,

    At this point the Ballard District Council has approved the projects for SDOT to develop cost estimates. SDOT is only considering the top three prioritized projects right now. Once the estimates are returned to the District Council, further action may be needed. Until that time, no action is required.

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