SPU Sewer Line Work, February and March 2011

According to letters received from Seattle Public Utilities there will be some sewer line work happening this month and next on some residential streets in and around Crown Hill. Be prepared for parking, traffic, noise, etc. impacts.

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All addresses of work (click on addresses to view PDF’s of the letters):

From the letters:

PROJECT:  Many of the sanitary sewer lines in the City of Seattle are at least 50 years
old and they are showing the wear expected of infrastructure of that age.  A contractor
for Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) will reline the sewer line in your neighborhood as part
of citywide sewer line rehabilitation efforts.

BENEFITS:  Repairing pipes can help prevent future service disruption caused by a
sewer line break.

DATES/TIMES:  The project is expected to start in early February and extend into
March.  The project consists of two parts: cleaning and relining. First, the pipes will be
cleaned a few weeks prior to the relining work.  Then the reline work at each site will
last approximately one to two days.  General working hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 4:00
p.m., Monday through Friday, with the possibility of occasional weekend work.
However, working hours may be shortened to 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. in order to
minimize traffic disruptions on arterial streets.



  • Access to street and/or parking will be limited; at the end of each working day, access to each site will be restored to allow for regular traffic
  • On-street parking may be temporarily reduced
  • Increased construction truck traffic and some noise, dirt, and vibrations are likely