Crown Hill Center Volunteers Needed

Summary: The Crown Hill Center needs as many people as possible between now and April 11 at noon to pledge volunteer hours over the next year.  This is for funds matching  towards replacing the west wing roof.  Even an hour is a huge help because in part of the scoring for this grant is the number of volunteers we engage.   Please email your name, an email address, number of hours pledged for the next year, and any particular task with which you’d like to help to

Besides pledging hours, please forward this to your groups and members and friends.   Thank you for your pledges and helping quickly spread the word!

The roof on the west wing, was due for replacement decades ago, and the tar patching isn’t a long term sustainable approach.  This is the single biggest section of roof on the building and is in the greatest need of replacement. In addition, that section of roof is the best fit for this particular grant.

We have an opportunity to leverage our King County grant funds ($50,000) and the matching funds for that, and these volunteer hours, into money towards replacing a large portion of the Crown Hill Center roof.  Through the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods we have an opportunity to leverage funds already raised, towards the required one to one match.  Our biggest need right now is the pledge of volunteer hours from as many people as possible.

Examples of volunteer tasks:

  • Gardening, digging, planning including the rain garden for the west side to address drainage issues
  • Creating signage for the building
  • Building a fence between the playground and the new park
  • Restoring the south lobby
  • Turning the nook outside of the south lobby into an active space to compliment the park
  • Arts Festival activities (all aspects of)
  • Pledges of “as needed” time are also appreciated
  • Donated materials and services are also helpful in this effort.

Answers to some frequently asked questions

  • Will I be working on the roof?  No, for all the reasons you can imagine, volunteers will not be working on the roof itself.
  • How long do I have to provide these hours?  We need the pledges by Monday, the work would be done over the next year.
  • Are children allowed to help?  Generally yes, and their hours count too!  There are some tasks that will have to be adult only for safety reasons, but we will try to pair those with kid friendly tasks during the same timeframe.
  • When will work parties be scheduled?  We will generally schedule these for evenings and weekends during the next year.  If you are available at only specific times, please let us know, and we will be as flexible as possible.


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