Rapid Ride Line “D” Route Map Updated

View 15/Line D changes in Crown Hill in a larger map

Back in January 2011, we reported the tentative routing for the northern terminus of King County Metro’s new Line “D” service. That routing as well as the routing for the southern terminus has now been finalized. Additionally station and stop information has been added and/or altered. In the map above, the new routing is in red and the current routing (15 and 15X) buses is in blue. The official route map from King County Metro is below.  KC Metro has recently secured federal funding for the “C” line. The “D” line has not yet been funded by the Federal Transit Administration. The D line is presently proposed to be up and running in late 2012. More information on the D line is available here.  Metro also has a Rapid Ride Blog which is updated from time to time.

Rapid Ride Line D routing and stops
Rapid Ride Line D routing and stops (click to download PDF from Metro)