Garage Sale and Night Out Wrap-up, 2011

We had great turnouts for both the Crown Hill Garage Sale on July 23rd and Night Out Seattle on August 2nd this year!

Garage Sale 2011
Garage Sale 2011 (click to enlarge)

The 5th Annual Crown Hill Neighbors Garage Sale on July 23rd had 67 advance sign-ups this year. There were actually more sales and free sales. I made it to 46 of the sales.  My favorite sale this year was the 8 year old boy who decided to have a sale when a couple of his neighbors started putting their wares out. He was trying to raise $40 to help his sister replace her stolen bike. I checked back a week later and he made his goal!  There was great food to be had including Mt Fuji hot dogs, “possibly the best chocolate chip cookies in Crown Hill,” lemonade, and goodies galore (those lemon bars were really, really good). Of the 67 listings we had, 5 wouldn’t fit on our map, but we made them honorary Crown Hillers for the day. Traffic slowed to a crawl on many streets with multiple sales as cruisers walked from sale to sale. The folks on 16th between 87th and 89th deserve a special mention — they sure know how to have a multi-family garage sale — every one had a mix of great merchandise at bargain prices — and everybody was having fun talking to each other.  Thanks all and if you have comments, please get back to us at

Two Young Artists Discuss Their Art on 12th Ave

We had over a dozen block parties that I am aware of.  In my immediate neighborhood there were 4 parties blocking the streets, and there were a number of folk who walked to adjoining parties to share in the camaraderie and festivities. Children were seen zipping up and down the street on bikes, scooters, and foot as they enjoyed the freedom from vehicle traffic for an evening. Dogs were welcome at several of the parties (and at one, the whole group of herding dogs took noisy exception in unison to a child’s attempt to jump on a pogo stick). As always, the food was fabulous, and as is the case in potlucks, there was more than enough to go around. We’ve had a rough summer with crime, and it was great to see folk getting to know each other. MyBallard had an article featuring various parties around Ballard, and Crown Hill scored two pictures including the one at right! Next year, we’ve got to invite Engine 35 to come visiting!


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  1. I’d like to request for next year’s Night Out that the neighbors who are planning on hosting the party and closing their street do a better job of notifying all of their neighbors. While I was aware that it was Night Out, I did not receive any notification or invitation from anyone on my street telling me that our street would be having a party so when I came home that night from work it was quite a shock to find my street closed. Had I known the street would be closed I would have made alternate parking arrangements or left work early. It also made me feel rather unwelcome so I did not go to the party.

  2. THANK YOU for planning these Night Out events. We had a blast! Our kids loved the fact that they could finally ride their bikes around the neighborhood without cars driving by so fast. We had a great time meeting new friends and catching up with those we have known for years. Our only complaint… we wish we did these more than once a year 🙂

  3. Our first neighborhood night out was a huge hit thanks to our fearless leaders, Phillipa and Julie. They posted signs on community mailboxes two weeks beforehand and went door to door leaving flyers for everyone regarding the Block Party. Then they organized a bouncy house for the kids, a bonfire, and great food. Our block email list was abuzz the next day with raves about the event. Something tells me we’ll do it again!

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