Mail and Package Thefts

Beware: Mail and package thefts are occurring in Crown Hill. Pick up your mail frequently, and watch for suspicious activity, especially vehicles tailing delivery trucks. Arrange with a neighbor to pick up packages from your porch if you’re not home during the day.

One person reports: “As I was walking my dog this morning I started noticing paper in the street then I realized it was mail, then i realized that someone had gone through all the mailboxes between 92nd and 87th and had emptied all boxes clearly looking for money. I saw Xmas cards and bills and junk mail all over the place.  Very disturbing to say the least!”

Another person reports: “I had a UPS package stolen from my front porch. I was cooking in the kitchen and heard the UPS truck drive up, and the driver deposit the package on the porch. By the time I washed my hands and got to the door, a skinny guy was jumping into a small white car with the package and roared off.”

UPDATE: 16-Dec 3:20 PM

This is also occurring in Greenwood, Phinney and Ballard.

UPDATE: 18-Dec 06:40 AM

While on my dog walk this morning, I noticed the mail box thievery had occurred along 12th from just north of Holman to 105th, and on 14th as well. Same as earlier reported, Christmas cards were all opened, but packages too. This must happened after 10 PM and before 6 AM. UGH!

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  1. We had mail stolen out of our box at 100th & Mary Ave, and noticed neighbors who also had their boxes hanging open. Occurred sometime Saturday afternoon/Sunday morning (Dec 17-18).

  2. Yes, all along Mary Ave. NW between 95th and 100th NW unsecured mail boxes were looted. We are so glad to have locked boxes!

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