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New Crime Prevention Specialist in the North Precinct, Night Out Seattle 2014

Welcome aboard Elizabeth Scott, the SPD North Precinct’s new Crime Prevention Specialist. We received this e-mail yesterday.

Dear Community Friends,

As you now know, I was recently hired as the Crime Prevention Coordinator for all of North Seattle. My predecessor, Terrie Johnston will now be covering both the East and West Precincts.  Many of you have reached out to me welcoming me to my new job; I certainly do feel welcomed so THANK YOU!!!

The 30th Annual Night Out Against Crime is approaching, taking place on TUESDAY, AUGUST 5th, 2014. The registration link for Night Out, 2014 is now active. Please go to: http://www.seattle.gov/police/nightout/default.htm

Night Out is a national Crime Prevention event. It is designed to heighten crime prevention awareness, increase neighborhood support in anti-crime efforts, and strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships.

Seattle has had a long history of supporting Night Out. The program has been growing every year, with over 1,400 neighborhoods participating in 2013. It’s fun, free and offers a great opportunity to reconnect with your neighbors, share information with one another all while learning more about crime prevention. You do not need to be in an active Block Watch to hold a Night Out event.  However, if you would like to form a block watch, please indicate that on your registration (we have a check box for that). 

Within the Night Out registration form, blocks are given the opportunity to close down the street. Please remember, in order to legally close the street a permit must be completed.

We look forward to seeing you at Night Out, 2014.


Elizabeth Scott


 Seattle Police Department
10049 College Way N.

Seattle, WA 98133
Phone: 206-684-7711

Night Out celebrations, August 6, 2013

This year’s Night Out celebrations are slotted for August 6. Night Out is sponsored by the Seattle Police Department and is an opportunity to get to know your neighbors. There is nothing better than getting out on a warm August night, blocking off your street, and having a party with barbecue, grills, and great food provided by you and your neighbors.

Last year, Crown Hill had quite a number of parties. There was even one with a bouncy house and live music.  Other popular activities are bike rodeos, street art (chalk) contests, face painting, basketball,

If your block is not registered, you can register now (less than 3 minutes) at the Night Out Seattle website.

Night Out Seattle, August 2nd, 2011

Night out LogoThe Seattle Police Department sponsors each year a Night Out Celebration. Last year in Crown Hill we had at least nine Night Out block parties. It’s a great chance to meet your neighbors and have fun. You can block off a street, set up picnic tables and barbecues, have live music and dancing, activities for kids. Most of all it is a fun, community building event for all ages. It is the perfect first step to organizing your block watch, or celebrating an existing block watch.

Night Out this year 2011 is Tuesday – AUGUST 2, 2011

Register your party at the Seattle Night Out website. If you are Facebook connected, there is an official Night Out Facebook page!

From the city Night Out web page:

“Night Out is a fun event to meet your neighbors, and organize your neighborhood against crime. We’ll be adding more information about this event up through August 2, so keep checking back…. Or stay up to date on our Night Out Facebook page! Also this year you can add your event to a city wide calendar to share the location of your event with others and see where else in your neighborhood a Night Out is going on.”