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Ribbon Cutting for Pathway from 89th to 90th, Wednesday, June 18th

City Council-member Mike O’Brien will be on hand to cut the ribbon for the completion of the pedestrian pathway upgrade from 89th to 90th at 17th. This is an early bird event, meeting at 8 AM the pedestrian pathway.

Neighbors living in West Crown Hill put together a NPSF (Neighborhood Parks and Streets Fund) proposal a few years ago to upgrade the path, and remove the barriers to make it possible to pass a stroller through and connect to the Soundview Playfields and Whitman Middle School.

The project was completed a couple of years ago.

Efforts are underway to secure funding to complete a greenway on 17th from 58th to 90th. The greenway will use the pathway to the play fields and Whitman Middle School. Another NPSF proposal is presently under review for funding to put a pedestrian activated signal at 17th and 85th to allow safer crossings of 85th.