Crime Mapping Tool Now Available

The Seattle Police Department recently announced their new publicly available crime mapping tool. The crime maps coordinate with the police reports available online (registration and sign-in required). The map is zoomable, positionable, and can be searched by address or neighborhood.  Each type of crime is indicated by a different icon. “Rolling” the mouse cursor provides a handy way to decode the heiroglyphs, plus a rough address, and a link (if available) to the police report on the incident.

Crown Hill Crime
Crown Hill Crime Snapshot, July 2nd, 2010 13:00

Crimes will be marked on the map within 12 hours of occurrence and will either link to a redacted police report or a “GO” (General Offense) number. The police reports may lag several days behind the appearance of the icon on the map.

After playing with it for a few minutes, I am struck by how little crime is present in Crown Hill (and Ballard) compared with parts of Seattle South of here.