Burglary and Auto Theft 900 block of 97th

Looks like we’ve had another burglary and auto theft, this one on 97th between 9th and 12th.  The incident occurred in the late hours of July 1st and the early hours of the 2nd. Robert sent this in earlier today:

Dennis – we got hit hard yesterday.

At apx 1:00 am Saturday morning two teens brazenly entered our home through the front door (left unlocked) while 6 of us were at home sleeping.  They went through three top rooms stealing laptops, keys and then our car.  A neighbor and his girlfriend, next door, spotted them and gave the following description:

2 male teens, latino, closely shaved hair, both w/ black JanSport back packs.

Aprox 1 hour later our car was spotted by a different neighbor violently driving up and down on Dayton Ave.  These neighbors called 911 for over 2 hours with no police response.  The teens eventually blew the front tire but continued to aggressively drive the vehicle on its metal wheels for another 30 minutes. Neighbors [saw] them eventually leave the vehicle and walk back up the street.

Police didn’t arrive till later that morning and alerted us to the whereabouts of the car.  It was damaged, our baby stroller and car seat stolen along with loot from our house.

Please lock your doors, even when home. And most importantly, when you witness suspicious behavior, call 911, give the dispatcher as much information as possible, and ask for an officer to contact you.

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  1. Note – SPD is now reviewing the 911 call and dispatch to see if it was handled incorrectly.

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