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Our Crown Hill #3 How long have you lived in CH?

Thanks to everyone who wrote in.  The average time that respondents have lived in CH is  7.5  years.  There is something about NW Seattle that many must like as 25% of those answering the question had moved to their current home from the Ballard/Crown Hill area and 50% from NW Seattle overall.  People moved here from Maryland; Alexandria, Virginia; the SF Bay area; Salem, Oregon, Burien, Kent/Des Moines, and Renton.

People added extra comments

  • One family, who moved to the block on which their Dad was raised (3 generations on 1 block).
  • A neighbor  has been a Crown Hill person for 60+ years, growing up here and returning recently.
  • A couple of respondents have bought 2 houses in Crown Hill
  • Friendly neighbors
  • A plea for sidewalks

Here are everyone’s answers, and a little bit about some of their journeys to Crown Hill:

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OUR CROWN HILL Question: #3

Some neighbors have lived in Crown Hill a long time and others are new, so our new question is:

Question #3: “How long have you lived in Crown Hill and where did you live before moving here?”

UPDATE (August 3rd, Input is now closed, summary to be posted soon).

Here is how it works:

  • click on this link:
  • type in your answer
  • add your closest intersection (for example 12th Ave NW & 95th).  This will help keep the answers from Crown Hill and cut down on spam.
  • click submit
  • you can also simply compose an email with your answer to:

Your responses will be anonymous. Feel free to suggest questions or ideas.

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OUR CROWN HILL Question #2 Wishes for the QFC building

The results are in for question #2, “If you could grant one wish for the QFC building (8532 15th Ave NW) what would you like to see there?”   By far, neighbors in Crown Hill wish most for a community grocery store, an alternative to Safeway they can walk to.  Topping the list were either a PCC (Puget Consumers Co-op) or Greenwood Market (possibly renamed Crown Hill Market?).  Other stores on the wish list were a natural food store, Queen Anne Thriftway, Metropolitan Market, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s.  The most local sustainable wish was for a big greenhouse/farmer’s market as it would employ farmers and marketers, contribute taxes, have zero transportation costs for the food, and generate  solar energy!! Win, Win, Win.  Now if there were a developer…

Indoor recreation activities were another big category.  A good wish for rainy Seattle.  Five people are wishing for … a bowling alley!  Other recreation desires include  a roller skating rink, play area for kids (that’s profitable), and a gym.  Another idea was for community center that focuses on teens (check out the Kirkland Teen Urban Building or a community center with a coffee shop.  Someone else is wishing for more park space.

Several wishes were for restaurants, for example a neighborhood pub, a bar with cheap food, or  really good Chinese food (yum!);  more retail options; either artist lofts with a store front or condos with retail below; and in general changes that would clean up the area.  Interestingly, one idea was that the increased density would make the neighborhood more lively and support the local retail.  Another wish was for definitely no condos.

Below are everyone’s wishes:

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OUR CROWN HILL Question #1: Favorite Places

Thanks everyone for answering our first question, “What is your favorite place to spend time in Crown Hill? and why?”

Twenty-four neighbors shared their favorite spot in Crown Hill.  That’s about a 10% response rate, which is very good for an email survey.    Many couldn’t resist and mentioned more than one place, including seasonal preferences such as, Sound View wading pool in the summer; Bento Sushi in the winter; or baseball season at Whitman & Crown Hill ball fields.  Read on for a summary of familiar favorites and possible new discoveries. To check out all the responses click read more below.

Crown Hill denizens like their parks as they topped the list with 18 mentions.  Crown Hill Park/school took the lead as either a current favorite, ” … with my 2 year old son. He loves running around playing on all the different things; I love that there’s so much space and I don’t have worry about him running out into the street.”  It’s also been fun to watch him develop; he can finally go down the slide all by himself!” or a future favorite, “When the new park across from Dick’s is finished with the skatepark feature that will be my favorite place on Crown Hill…”  and  “We love playing frisbee in the field and we’re hoping there will still be a place to play when the park is developed.”

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