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9076 Holman Road Development Applies For Master Use Permit

The developers of the scheduled 9076 Holman Road project are applying for a Master Use Permit for their project. Over 30 neighborhood residents attended the Early Design Guidance hearings for the project in 2007 and 2008. Concerns were expressed about design elements, the facade facing Holman, parking, driveways, traffic, noise, etc.  Many of those concerns were incorporated into the instructions to the developer from the guidance committee, and addressed in subsequent iterations of the proposal. The project received a go-ahead to apply for a Master Use Permit at the second EDG meeting.

9076 Holman Rd site
9076 Holman Rd site as seen looking Southwest from the 13th Ave NW overpass. 13th Ave is on the left. 14th Ave is to the right of the white building on the right. (click for larger image)

In the picture above, the grey house, the house behind it, and the white building (currently Queen Anne Auto Body) are all scheduled for demolition. The project will extend from 13th to 14th, fronting along Holman Road.

9076 Holman Rd Development Diagram
9076 Holman Rd Development Site Plot (Click to enlarge)

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